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 With her personal service

and her eye for detail,

she carefully selects

designer dresses and gowns

from around the world.

is dedicated to helping women select the perfect designer dress, shoes, and jewelry so that they look their best and enjoy their event.


 By maintaining excellent relationships with the designers, her commitment to you extends beyond the store's inventory.


If you don't find what you are looking for, we can easily order your dream dress from the designer and have it sent to our store within days.

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We register your dress along with your event

to ensure that none of our customers

duplicates your special gown at your event.

Members of the St. Johns & Hispanic/Puerto Rican Chambers of Commerce

Partnered with Bartram Trail & Nease High Schools

Clelia worked

for several years as a social event

and wedding planner

in a prominent hotel in Boston

and has more than 30 years

of fashion experience.


Looking at all the beautiful gowns,

she knew what she really wanted to do.

Her gowns are unique—you cannot find them

at any department store.

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